Lucid Technology Defense FZC serves a Large Variety of Industries

We serve military, naval, aerospace, law enforcement and private clients in the homeland and security sectors. Supplying mechanical parts, high grade components and ready to assemble modules such as armour kits and vehicle hull structures.

Lucid Technology Defense FZC strategic located in the UAE allows us the capability for fast reaction times to the global market demand in manufacturing and Ballistic Kit processing for the armour vehicle builders.

Client Confidentiality and Product tracability is a high priority at our facility and we can ensure your product safety and IP confidentiality.

With our unique inhouse system for product trackability we can ensure you always receive the correct parts and tracability of materials used from the mill to the part that end us on your vehicle builds.

We have an in-depth experience in cold forming of these grades of material, this skill has enabled our customers in the armoured vehicle market, to not only improve protection but drastically reduce weight in an application that is normally weight critical.

We are proud to be working with in the global market with leading companies in the Defence sector to maximise protection while saving lives.

Land Forces

Aerospace Sector

Aerospace Sector

Naval Sector

Tough...., Durable...., Reliable....

Tough...., Durable...., Reliable....

With the constant demand of the increasing threats in the global market, blast & ballistic specifications with certified armoured steel and armoured products is in a constant demand, we have strong relationships with all the leading global armour steel manufacturers and direct access to armoured steel stock access direct from the mills, we have also invested in keeping stock at our facility and also have strong relationships  with strategic stockist in the market.

To provide a World Class Service to our Clients in this Field of requirements. We pride ourselves on our In-depth Knowledge and expertise and access to new developments in innovative ballistic standards and products using our state-of-the-art Steel mills.

Raw materials are available according to specification standards for productions.

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New Technologies, Cold Forming

New Technologies, Cold Forming

We are a dynamic MULTI PLATFORM company operating from our secure manufacturing facilities in the UAE,  Lucid Technology Defence FZC is servicing the global market with our vehicle parts and solutions in cold forming and optimisation through design and  manufacturing of components that reduce weight and strengthen critical areas in parts that is still welded by many of the suppliers in the market that does not have the understanding or the capabilities of our dynamic team in the armouring field, we strive towards the future of technology and to grow with the constant changes in the demand for better technologies.  We offer a high value-added support service to our global clients and partners through our unique capabilities and secure confidentiality and traceable product security and are regarded by many global OEM partners as the partner of choice for the supply of high quality and complex component manufacturing.

Cold forming products and parts makes many things possible in these times of pushing the boundaries of new technologies, this is still a challenging field for most as it requires a high standard of indepth knowledge of Armour steel composition and capabilities which is still a grey area in the field of manufacturing.

As a leading supplier of armoured components to the manufacturing industry we offer our customers enhanced solutions that are customised specially for their individual designs and requirements.

The products we supply are critical components for protection equipment such as armoured vehicles, Mobility Operation protection units, turrets weapon stations, high heat resistant cabins operating in smelting plants and many other products for other industries. Safety is our priority and thus for our slogan “BUILT WITH TRUST”

New Technologies, Cold Forming


Lucid Technology Defence FZC pride our self on Innovation Management. Leading the process in understanding from, Innovative Thinking, Design, Development to Product Satisfaction these are the 4 steps we take in the basic principle of THINKING SOLUTIONS.

Lucid Technology Defense FZC imbody this ideology through out the core of our business, part of our team development we introduce Innovation Management skills through external learning courses for developing a long-lasting professional working environment in the field of Optimisation through Design, Lucid Technology Defence FZC are designing the future together with you.

We support our customers with their products with bending and welding technology.

Lucid Technology Defense FZC are a reliable and competent partner to many armoured vehicle manufacturers from consultancy, steel product support cutting and bending processing technology right through to the completed solution.

From optimising existing products in weight reduction or strengthen these products through new and modern form capabilities in reducing welding and production times to developing new products, our in-house engineering design team can provide a full turnkey service to your team.

Our experienced professional team are bringing their many years of expertise to the table in supporting you in understanding your requirements and building lasting business relationships through creating innovative solutions that works in the field through practicality and understanding the demand of operation through service. They are competent and motivated and ready to prove a quality working solution and with keen eye for detail and the instinctive touch in the daily application of identifying single piece components, effective cost, weight and weld reductions.

Leading OEM's,CNC Technology,Laser Technology

Leading OEM's,CNC Technology,Laser Technology

Our experience as a strategic partner to many of the world’s leading OEMs for armoured vehicle manufacturers has enabled us to grow with them and allow us to develop and supply a multitude of components and assemblies.

With many years of experience in the field of vehicle armouring we have a invested in our own in-house manufacturing and processing facility to secure our clients IP and provide security while processing their products and materials.

Our facility is geared with the latest CNC technology that includes Fibber Optic Laser Technology, CNC Press Break Machines, CNC Milling Machines for processing support, we also have the facility to process Chassis Components in creating rolling chassis to the vehicle building OEMs globally. 

Our manufacturing department host the latest up to date and certified Welding equipment from MIG and TIG welding with certified welders’ operators.

We encourage you to take advantage of the potentials of a visually and technically perfect cold formed and welded part to avoid secondary reworks. Our innovative bending and welding technology ensure a high degree of efficiency and reliability compared to conventional welding processes.

We constantly work with our partners from the mills in keeping up with the latest welding recommendations and forming recommendations of the materials we work with to ensure the highest standard so product delivery.

Cabin Structures,Steel Fabrications, Prototyping

Cabin Structures,Steel Fabrications, Prototyping

Lucid Technology Defence FZC is recognised as a leading partner in subcontract manufacturers of armoured steel fabrications and assemblies. Offering a full supply chain solution for producing welded and kitted sub-components for armoured protection structures and armoured vehicle manufacturers.

In collaboration with our clients and their engineering teams, we provide manufacturing and support services through to fully finished welded Cabin structures. The engineering team at Lucid Technology Defence FZC has the capabilities to design and manufacture and prototyping with our clients in creating bespoke products.

Combining this service with our in-house processing machines which includes manipulators, jigs, press break machines and other machinery available in house we can provide other services which can be integrated as fuel tanks, windows, chassis, doors and turrets. To complete the protection of the vehicle body against multiple threats, additional protection can be added:

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